A Product of Procrastination

Okay, so I’m not sure whether there’s actually been any kind of introduction to us writing posts here on Louise’s blog.

So hi! I’m Kelly and I’m one of her three students doing the bilingual fast track English teacher training (try saying that five times fast…). It means we’re doing this thing in three years instead of four and there’s only three of us weirdos who actually signed up to do that. Basically every lesson is private tutoring.

You’d think that would make you more motivated to do your homework on time and everything, seeing as there’s literally no way of getting away with not doing it. No. It does not. My homework still gets done the morning-of. (So far, that’s working out for me. I’m going to have to change my strategy the moment it ceases to do so.) Also, I’m currently writing this blog post to procrastinate studying for my midterms that start tomorrow. I’m still the hopeless case that I was when I was in secondary school. (At least I can empathise with the students!)

But on the other side, classes are much more interactive. The whole lesson is more of an conversation between teacher and student, than a teacher just preaching to their students and not getting any feedback. In my opinion, this helps a lot. It makes us much more involved with the material. You can’t just sit in the back of the class and hope no one notices that you’re not paying attention at all.

The lines in a teacher-student relationship blur a bit when it’s like this. We talk to our teachers as if they’re our friends, in a way. Louise says that we’re all colleagues, really, because we’re just teachers in training, but it’s gonna take me some time for me to also see it like that. They’re still our teachers in my eyes.

It’s probably a good thing we’re friends with our teachers, because when it’s only three students in a class, we don’t have many options. The three of us, we’re this tiny group that sticks together at all times simply because we don’t really know anyone else. And the thing is, we probably wouldn’t have been friends if we hadn’t been put together like this. We’re all really different people. But we make it work. (We haven’t killed each other yet.)

I am looking forward to being merged with the other groups next year and also going on exchange to England. As much as I like this private tutoring, having an actual choice in who my friends are isn’t half bad either.


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