A good 3d movie headache.

It’s actually pretty strange to get taught how to teach. This strange realisation of the amount of ‘meta-data’ you’re actually receiving. It’s like when you try to look for the difference between 3d and 2d by putting your glasses on and off. It kinda messes with your head.

It feels weird to say, especially knowing that the teachers WILL read this, but I will say it anyway. (Apart from the ‘context’ that is given by the entire blog thing, I’ve tried to pay a lotta attention, Vincent). I actually have great teachers. Each actually portraying different parts of the ‘teacher-spectrum’. (Language is the making of meaning, right?)

The caring mom, the grumpy but wise dad, the interested big ‘brother’ and the helping sister. We actually have a kind of family going on here. And that’s only the teachers that I’m talking about. The class itself (consisting of 3 people, myself included) almost functions like 3 sides of a single concience, strangely along the lines of a Freudian definition of super-ego, ego and id. Just to be perfectly clear, I’m not a believer of Freudian theories, I just see why it’s called a pseudo-science and not complete bullshit.

These first 2 weeks have been a kind of a drag, but at the same time also a perfect amount of time to get adjusted to the environment. Since halve of the lessons we have had were introductory, the first week kind of feels like ‘wasted’ time, but knowing that it created intriguing prospects, it might not be wasted at all. And it’s exactly these type of “dilemma’s” I keep facing every lesson, only to find out next lesson that the last one actually made a lotta sense.

I guess that’s a pattern that I’ll have to get used to. I guess that’s what education is actually about, especially in languages. Creating habits and habits of expectation. Innit?

PS; How is the lack of punctuation marks in the title doing it for you? I actually like the way it messes with your expectation, simply because of the ‘sematics’ error it brings.


One thought on “A good 3d movie headache.

  1. The lack of punctuation in the title is working fine for me! Mostly because there shouldn’t actually be any in the first place 😉

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