Bilingual teaching & CLIL!

Ok, to me the dubious honour (it’s a bit scary having this much responsibility) of being allowed to set up a couple of new courses and “adapt” an old one. As of the academic year 2015-2016 I will be training and closely monitoring students on a fast track into bilingual teaching (the language and literature side is being dealt with by some incredibly talented colleagues – I get the “teaching” part). What I would really like to do is to occasionally get one of them to post here so that we can see and remind ourselves of what it’s like to be a fresh young teacher trainee and, perhaps more importantly, what it’s like training specifically to teach English at a bilingual school in the Netherlands. This is a new and exciting development and I’m hoping it’ll be a success. I’m looking forward to meeting our new students and am hoping to share our errors and successes with you!

The adapting part I mentioned above is a short CLIL-specific course. I’ve set up a wordpress site where we’ll be posting our materials and hope that many of you will trial some of it and provide us all with feedback.

The other new course is for primary teacher trainees who will be trained to become English specialists. For them, too, I have added an extra page on this site so that we can also share with the wider public and, I hope, get some useful feedback in order to keep improving the course and help the trainees.

Let’s keep the dialogue open? “See you” soon,



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