Twice a year (September and February) I get a new group of student teachers. We generally start off with our reasons for becoming a teacher and our vision on good education. This means that I am constantly confronted with my own reason for becoming and staying a teacher. I recently replied to a tweet from @Nic_Oddy about why people become teachers and I told her that, in my case, it was more or less accidental. Long story short: a family of (head)teachers warning me not to do it, never thought of it, was asked to be a guinea-pig for a pan-European project involving training and studying in GB, B and NL. But then something happened I hadn’t quite predicted: I became totally addicted, not just a little bit, but big time. I spent a few years out of teaching (‘producing’ kids, chasing around Europe after husband….) and had genuine withdrawal symptoms. Started back slowly with night classes and private lessons, then secondary education, technical college, polytechnic and now university teacher training (and still occasionally – not enough – some secondary teaching).

I often wonder what ‘normal’ people do on Sundays when you don’t have lessons to prepare or marking to do. I also wonder what I would be doing now (and where!) if I hadn’t gone into teaching….a secretary? Manager of a retail store? Campsite manager (cheating here as I actually did that for a while!)? Or would I have nonetheless have drifted into education?

I’ve certainly got the bug and am not planning on detoxing, never ever. What about you?


2 thoughts on “Addicted?

  1. Can’t imagine what people who aren’t teachers do! My whole prism of looking at life is related to teaching! Its not the kind of a job where the pencil drops and the mind disconnects from it till the next day.
    Sometimes I wish I had that kind of job. But only sometimes!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Naomi. Indeed, every so often I, too, wish I did something else but mostly after a good night’s sleep I change back to the attitude “why don’t we have a waiting list for the millions of hopeful would-be teachers who are so jealous of what I do?”! I’m pretty sure it’s a type of cult/religion which inhabits us 24/7!

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