Student evaluations

Here’s a question: do you ask for student evaluations on your own teaching and on the course/school as a whole? Over here the students are regularly asked (twice a year) to give feedback on their teachers and on the courses they follow. This is not only my own teacher trainees but also the pupils at schools are asked to provide feedback on their teachers.

I am curious to know how other countries deal with this and what is done with the evaluations. We notice that not all of the students provide feedback (mostly the ones with an axe to grind). The feedback (via digital forms) is then discussed in a special commission comprising students and staff and is also discussed by the management. Advice is given and adjustments are made (insofar possible).

I am unsure as to how I feel about this: on the one hand I think students choose to follow our course so should accept we have some idea of what we’re talking about (we don’t need to keep changing everything just to keep them happy) and on the other hand I think it’s great they get the chance to evaluate the process and its relevance to their future and inform us of anything they have missed in the course or that was perhaps unnecessary (this also keeps us didactically on our toes and makes sure we keep up to date with the latest developments both in schools as well as in the masters courses where our students come from).



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