Early English winner – project with Namibia

Ok, so the prize was handed out a week ago but it’s never too late….the winner of the first prize for the best VVTO (early English) bachelor’s research was Eliene Sonneveld (right on photo) who set up and evaluated a project whereby a school in the Netherlands twinned up digitally with a school in Namibia. The children learnt a great deal about their own and each other’s cultures by simply describing them to each other via various projects.

Here’s a link to the websites Eliene set up:

www.online-exchange.wikispaces.com      – the exchange with Soest (NL) and Kamanjab (Namibia)

www.netherlandsandcuracao.wikispaces.com  – the exchange with Veenendaal (NL) and Curaçao

And for those willing to read her final report (in Dutch) here’s the link: www.europeesplatform.nl/sf.mcgi?4076&cat=769

on the photo from left to right (two members of the jury were unable to attend – Mirjam Zevenboom and Joke Schokkenbroek):

Paul Groot (jury, headteacher), Eliene Sonneveld (prize winner), Louise Taylor (jury, teacher trainer), Jan Willem Chevalking (thesis supervisor), Marleen Dermout (European Platform)


One thought on “Early English winner – project with Namibia

  1. As a Group with journalism as our main background “Early English winner project with Namibia Teaching Cloggy Style” is right up our street and will keep checking for interesting additions to your post. If you want to know more about Namibia visit us at %URL% … Well written, thank you 🙂

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